DIY Cabin

This picture shows the rafters on and the starting of the purlins being put on the top of the rafters for roof support and  is what the metal roofing is screwed to.


Here the tails are all cut to 9 inches long and shows the steel roofing over hanging the roof by 2 inches to support the facia boards.


Here is where it started to get complicated for me . I was looking for a 12×16 cabin but once i looked at it i decided i wanted the whole 12×16 for floor space so i added a 4 foot porch to the 12×16 to make it a 12×20 total building  instead of a 12×12 inside living space.

DIYCabin13 DIYCabin14

Side wall and purlin illustration.


I had to screw in  (36)  3×3/8 inch  lag bolts  to all the outer joist  into the 4x4s for stability.

DIYCabin16 DIYCabin17

I have (20) 13 inch hurricane studs with the 5/12 pitch angle cuts.


This is how they were installed.


This photo shows the (14) 2x10x12 floor joist installed.


This shows the 1×2 furring strips nailed to the inside of the floor joist  1inch below the top of all the joist.


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