DIY Bathtub Caddy


Some days we just want to relax. Ah, wouldn’t it be nice to have an invigorating bath while you drink a glass of wine and read your favourite book?

Relaxing in the bath is a great luxury, but some tend to be short on level space.


This project will let you read, have a glass of wine etc while soaking your troubles away!


  • Walnut Board
  • MDF Board
  • Wood Glue


  • Jointer
  • Planer
  • Table Saw
  • Miter Saw
  • Palm Sander
  • Biscuit Joiner
  • Router with Round over bit
  • 2 – Paint Brush
  • Brad Nailer


Start by jointing the straighter/truer narrow edge.  My jointer is a little under-powered, so we had to make sure to advance slowly and remove only small amounts of material with each pass.


Place the jointed edge against the table saw fence and rip the board to width creating two parallel sides.  We cut our board down to around 5 or 6″ wide.


This board was a little too wide for my old jointer to joint a face before planning, so we just went straight to the planer and planed both faces.  It was planed at the mill and really wasn’t in too bad a shape.  Run it through, flip, and repeat.  Comes out good enough for this casual project.


Trim the boards to length on the chop saw.  We cut the long board down into two shorter sections that are going to be biscuit joined together to make the caddy wider then the original board.

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