Hanging Basket Planter

Decorate your patio with pretty flowers in a hanging basket planter!

Is your outdoor area needing some color and life? The best and easiest way to remedy that is by displaying seasonal flowers blooming in various colors in a planter or a hanging basket!

Hanging Basket Planter

Hanging baskets need a wall or a column to hang from, but the store-bought ones are usually too expensive for their simple look and function. Well, if you need one, why not build one yourself! It will save you more than half the cost of buying one from stores plus it’s easy to make!

You can simply place your hanging basket column in the ground, but putting it in a planter is an even better idea if you love redesigning your outdoor area from time to time! You can also plant around the base of the column. And since it’s in a planter, you can easily move it around.

You can design it any way you like or color it with your favorite paint or wood stain. Plant some colorful flowers like petunias, and wait until they grow and drape over the sides of the hanging baskets

This DIY project teaches you how to build your hanging basket column with a planter.

Do you need this hanging basket planter for your deck or patio?

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You can get step-by-step instructions from mtairymd over here



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