Pallet Swimming Pool

Build a Swimming Pool From Recycled Pallets in 9 Easy Steps

Why would you want a swimming pool? Well, the real question probably is why wouldn’t you want a swimming pool?

Pallet Swimming Pool
With the use of repurposed pallets, owning a pool is less difficult and affordable.

Who says having a swimming pool in your home requires a big budget? We’ve featured dumpster diving before as one low-cost way of creating family pools, but here’s a cheaper project… Of course, it’s the humble pallet again!

A swimming pool from recycled pallets is not only more inexpensive, but it is also faster to build. You can finish it in just one day!

Beyond its eco-conscious nature, a swimming pool from recycled pallets offers a multitude of advantages.

The reduced costs and remarkably swift construction process make this innovative approach an enticing choice for individuals looking to infuse their outdoor spaces with both creativity and sustainability.

A swimming pool from recycled pallets could be any size, shape, or design that you want since this is a DIY project and it is an above-ground swimming pool. There’s almost no restriction in building it yourself!

Unlike traditional in-ground pools, which often require adherence to specific dimensions and layouts, an above-ground swimming pool from recycled pallets grants you unprecedented flexibility. Whether you envision a naturalistic lagoon-inspired pool nestled amidst lush greenery or a contemporary and sleek oasis with clean lines, the possibilities are boundless.

Additionally, pallets are designed for easy handling and transportation, making them relatively simple to work with. This DIY-friendly approach enables individuals with basic carpentry skills to construct their pool without the need for specialized equipment or labour.

Heavy-duty pallets are constructed to withstand the weight and pressure of goods during transportation, which makes them naturally durable and resilient. When properly assembled and reinforced, a swimming pool from recycled pallets can offer long-lasting enjoyment.

Recycled pallets can be used to create various pool designs, from contemporary and minimalist to rustic and naturalistic. This versatility allows pool builders to adapt their designs to complement different outdoor spaces and architectural styles.

View our album of pallet swimming pools below and be inspired to build your own (if you don’t have a backyard pool yet).

Pallet Swimming Pool
Place your swimming pool wherever it best matches your outside area.

Do you know anyone who could use a swimming pool from recycled pallets in their yard for the summer? :)

How to Build a Swimming Pool From Recycled Pallets

Embrace sustainability and creativity by transforming ordinary recycled pallets into a stunning swimming pool that will become the envy of your neighbourhood. In this step-by-step guide, discover how to build a unique and eco-friendly swimming pool from recycled pallets and simple tools.

Ready to gather all the necessary materials and tools and get started?

Materials & Tools

  • Pallets
  • Heavy-duty Tarpaulin
  • Timber Boards
  • Heavy-duty Load Straps
  • Old Sheets, Blankets or Towels
  • Medium-duty Tarpaulin (as pool liner)
  • Duct Tape
  • Nails
  • Wood Screw (optional)
  • Bamboo Roll-down Blinds (optional)
  • Nail Gun
  • Circular Saw
  • Staple Gun
  • Sander

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Witness the transformative power of creativity as each step in this process of building a swimming pool from recycled pallets becomes a testament to the possibility of turning eco-conscious dreams into reality. With unwavering ingenuity and determination, you will embark on this journey and bring your vision to life. So, follow along, and let the magic unfold!

Step 1: Preparing the Ground

Clear and level the ground where you want to install the swimming pool. Remove any debris or sharp objects that could damage the pool liner.

Step 2: Building the Pallet Frame

Arrange the pallets to form the perimeter of the pool. Use heavy-duty load straps to secure the pallets together firmly. Make sure the corners are square and the structure is stable.

Step 3: Adding Support and Reinforcement

Attach timber boards to the inside of the pallet frame to provide additional support and stability. Nail them securely to the pallets.

Step 4: Pool Lining Cover

Cover the interior of the pallet frame with a heavy-duty tarpaulin. Ensure the tarpaulin extends over the sides and edges of the frame, leaving no gaps. Secure the tarpaulin to the pallets using a staple gun.

Step 5: Creating a Comfortable Seating Area

Line the bottom of the pool with old sheets, blankets, or towels to create a comfortable seating area. This will prevent the tarpaulin from feeling too rigid.

Step 6: Line the Pool

For added protection and a smoother surface, place a medium-duty tarpaulin inside the pool as a liner. Smooth out any wrinkles and trim the excess tarpaulin around the edges.

Step 7: Securing the Pool Liner

Use duct tape to secure the pool liner to the timber boards along the inside of the pool. Make sure the liner is snug and well attached.

Step 8: Optional Bamboo Blinds

For a touch of privacy and aesthetics, you can attach bamboo roll-down blinds to the outside of the pallet frame using wood screws.

Step 9: Final Touches and Safety Check

Thoroughly examine the pool for any sharp edges or protruding nails, ensuring safety is a top priority. Smooth out any rough areas through sanding, guaranteeing a secure and enjoyable swimming experience.

Voila! Behold your very own swimming pool from recycled pallets!

This innovative approach empowers you with creative freedom, allowing you to customize every aspect of your swimming pool from recycled pallets.
It complements outdoor space and aligns with preferences and styles.

BTW, another seriously inexpensive option is this hay bale pool!

Maintenance Tips for Pallet Pools

Creating a swimming pool from recycled pallets is a budget-friendly and environmentally conscious choice that brings unique charm and functionality to your backyard. However, to ensure your pool remains in good condition and safe for use, regular maintenance is crucial. Here are some essential maintenance tips to keep your swimming pool from recycled pallets looking great and functioning well.

Regular Cleaning

Keep your swimming pool from recycled pallets clean by regularly removing leaves, debris, and insects. Use a net to skim the surface and a vacuum if necessary to clean the bottom. This will not only keep the water inviting but also prevent the buildup of algae and bacteria.

Water Quality Management

It’s vital to regularly check and adjust the chemical levels in your pool to maintain safe and clear water. Use a simple testing kit to monitor the pH, chlorine, and other chemical levels. This helps in preventing corrosion or damage to the wood of the pallets and ensures the health and safety of swimmers.

Inspecting and Treating the Wood

To extend the life of your swimming pool from recycled pallets, inspect the wood structure periodically for signs of wear, such as splinters, cracks, or rot. Treat the pallet material with a waterproof sealant once a year. The sealant will prevent water from damaging the wood. This not only enhances the pallets’ durability but also maintains your pool’s aesthetic appeal.

Cover Your Pool

When not in use, covering your pool can significantly reduce maintenance efforts. A pool cover minimizes the amount of debris falling into the water and can help maintain water temperature. It also prevents excessive evaporation, saving water and chemicals.

Manage Algae Growth

To prevent algae from taking over, treat your pool water with an algaecide regularly. Algae can stain your pool and create slippery surfaces, which are unsafe. Ensuring that the circulation system is running efficiently will also keep algae at bay.

Tighten Connections

Periodically check any joints, screws, or fixtures in your pallet pool structure. Tighten any loose connections to ensure the stability and integrity of the pool. This can prevent accidents and extend the overall lifespan of your pool.

Winterize Your Pool

If you live in a region where it gets cold, preparing your pool for winter is crucial. Drain the pool to prevent water from freezing and damaging the structure. Clean and dry the pallets thoroughly to prevent mold and mildew growth during the colder months.

Following these maintenance tips, you can enjoy a clean, safe, and durable swimming pool from recycled pallets throughout the seasons. Regular upkeep not only preserves the pool’s quality but also maximizes your enjoyment and investment in this eco-friendly project.

DIY Eco-Pool Magic!

Dive into the world of sustainable creativity with this 9-easy-step guide on how to build a swimming pool from recycled pallets. Witness the transformation of ordinary materials into an extraordinary oasis, where each step showcases the power of ingenuity and environmental consciousness.

With determination and a dash of imagination, you can turn your eco-friendly dreams into a refreshing reality, creating a unique and inviting pool for endless moments of joy and relaxation.

Each step of this transformative journey reflects the brilliance of your resourceful spirit, as ordinary pallets metamorphose into an extraordinary and inviting pool. As you carefully assemble and repurpose these discarded materials, you weave together a story of conscious living and responsible consumption, painting a picture of environmental stewardship for all to witness.

In this realm of creative exploration, there are no limits to the design possibilities you can explore. Your pool becomes an extension of your artistic expression, a canvas where eco-consciousness harmoniously intertwines with personal style. As you take charge of the construction process, the boundaries of conventional pool aesthetics blur and the outcome becomes a manifestation of your unique vision.

Once completed, this eco-friendly haven becomes a sanctuary for unforgettable moments of joy and relaxation. With every dip into its refreshing waters, you bask in the fulfillment of your efforts, cherishing not only the pool itself but the profound effect your sustainable choices have on the world around you.

So, set forth on this captivating journey and make a splash with your very own swimming pool from recycled pallets!



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