How to build a wine bottle chandelier

DIY Wine Bottle Chandelier

If you celebrated the new year, chances are you have the materials to do this project sitting in your recycling bin! It’s a fun DIY lighting project that can remind you of the great time you had celebrating (or the pain the next morning), every time you flip the switch ;) Give your kitchen a […]

Wine rack from a recycled pallet

DIY Pallet Wine Rack Main Image

This DIY idea is not only a cheap, simple, and easy-to-do project, but also an elegant way to store wine bottles and glasses! Now we know that some of you prefer storing wine bottles¬†horizontally. This storage idea is perfect for wine lovers who don’t¬†leave their wine unconsumed for too long. :) BUT this pallet wine […]

Transform Old Crates into a Train Planter

Old Crate Train Planter

Want another fun garden idea? This train planter is easy to make and is just¬†made out of old crates! If you’ve got access to used wooden crates, repurposing them as train planters are one beautiful project you can do with them. It will surely make your yard a happier place, and kids especially will love […]

How to Build a Darth Vader Log Burner From a Gas Bottle

Darth Vader Log Burner

Star Wars fan or not, we believe this is one of the most impressive DIY log burners out there. Agree? Using an empty gas tank and some scrap iron metal, this DIYer skillfully made his personalized log burner. If you are into metalworking projects, why not give this upcycled gas tank a try with your […]

10 things you can make with horseshoes!

Horseshoe Crafts

In rustic decor designs, one might have stumbled over some horseshoes more than once. Horseshoes are a vibrant, meaningful symbol in many cultures and easy to acquire. Using horseshoes for home decor can be traced to a tradition that goes way back. In the old days, people believed nailing a horseshoe on your door protects […]

Turn an old wood door into a potting bench

Old Wood Door Potting Bench

Is your garden lacking a potting bench? Well, you don’t have to think about¬†spending a hundred dollars to get one…¬†You can¬†have a¬†potting bench for¬†just a¬†tiny¬†fraction of the cost by building it yourself using¬†an old wood door! Repurposing an old wood door is a clever idea if you need a potting bench in your garden. Aside […]

Build a unique and inexpensive cat tree using old drawers

DIY Cat Tree

Why buy an expensive cat tree from the store when you can easily build one¬†for a song? Why you can use old drawers to make your DIY cat tree! It’s simple, fast, easy, and clever! There are plenty of¬†old drawers out there – from your local thrift stores, garage sales, or even just from the […]

How to turn an old dresser into a seating furniture

Dresser to Bench

Before you drag mismatched chairs, old bookshelves, or worn-out sofas to the curb, remember that creative repurposing can give outdated furnishings a second life as useful, even stylish items. The seat you see here is just one of the many beautiful furniture transformations you can achieve through clever repurposing.¬† This nice and simple tutorial will […]

Turn an old fridge into a smoker!

Old Fridge Smoker

We use refrigerators to store food, but have you ever thought of¬†using them to cook food? Yes, you can cook food in a¬†refrigerator! If you have an old fridge that needs replacing, you can give it a new purpose by turning it into a smoker! Now turning an old fridge into a smoker doesn’t have […]

Build a wishing well burn barrel from an old washing machine drum

Wishing Well Burn Barrel

Why buy an expensive, decorative fire pit for your yard¬†when you can have something as impressive by upcycling¬†an old (cheap) washing machine drum? Take a look at this wishing well! This DIY fire pit is another example of creativity, function and beauty. And what’s great about it is that it is also simple, making it […]

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