How to make a seashell coffee table

Seashell Coffee Table

Is yours a beach-loving family? Then this custom table idea is for you!? Making a seashell coffee table is a quick and easy project but what makes this really interesting is how creative your custom table can be. Just take a look at this featured seashell table, made with a 20-inch terracotta pot! It’s filled […]

Build your own convertible picnic table bench!

Convertible Picnic Table Bench

Who doesn’t enjoy a good picnic? There is something about enjoying food outdoors that appeals to everybody. We have picnics on castle walls and beaches, in countless patios, hotel rooms, and balconies. Many of us also like picnicking at home! Many of you have asked for a tutorial or a set of plans¬†on how to […]

How to turn a file cabinet into a desk

Old File Cabinet Main Image

Thinking of throwing that rusty old file cabinet away? Stop right there. Being creative is to see things both for what they are what they can be, we always say. And sometimes, it pays to look with a little more imagination at the stuff we’re about to throw away. If you want to replace your […]

How to build an outdoor wood bench with gabion table

Outdoor Wood Bench Gabion Table

Got a lovely¬†garden? Then this cute¬†DIY furniture might just be the perfect set that would complement your yard! It’s project that falls on the easy DIY ideas category.¬†You don’t need a fully functioning workshop, just some simple tools that can help make clean cuts and surfaces. We all know that repurposing materials is a simple […]

A pallet workbench for future builders!

Kids Pallet Workbench

Now this is definitely one of the best kid’s workbench / play table¬†we’ve ever seen! We think most children, with their curious minds, love to tinker with just about anything they get their hands to. So if you have kids (or know someone), then you can build this workbench as a gift for them! They‚Äôll […]

Build a custom polished concrete desk

Polished Concrete Desk

Most of us spend a lot of time responding to emails, reading, and writing everyday correspondences even when we’re at home.  The fact is, modern information technology has created a new work lifestyle that demands a home office. Of course, your home office should have a personal computer and some space for file storage. You […]

DIY 80 x 36″ PVC Table


Need a REALLY wide table for you to work on? Buying one can be expensive. This DIY PVC table solves¬†your budget concern, plus it’s relatively easy to build! It’s ideal for those who work with a team that needs more than one unit as each only costs around $74. Imagine the amount of money saved […]

How to make a wine barrel coffee table

DIY Wine Barrel Coffee Table

This is not just a stylish coffee table…it’s also a spacious¬†storage for keeping¬†miscellaneous items in the¬†living room.¬†So if you are looking to improve your living room, this DIY project is one great idea you can do! Turning an old wine barrel is a fun upcycling idea¬†that even new builders¬†can do as their first project. But […]

Brilliant DIY tables for storing and playing with Lego

DIY Lego Table Main Image

Everyone with Lego in their house should definitely have a dedicated play area and storage just for these classic building blocks. And the best way to get a Lego table is to DIY! The DIY Lego table you see here is made from a very old and weathered furniture sold for $5 in a garage […]

From a changing table to a kitchen island!

Changing Table

What can you do with a baby changing table that you don’t need anymore? How about turning it into a DIY kitchen island! You can build a small kitchen island or kitchen cart for a small kitchen with it. But you can also build a large one if you have the¬†space. Yes – while still […]