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DIY Under Stairs PullOut Storage

How to build an under stairs pull-out storage

Under stairs storage! There are plenty of designs for this storage idea, but most of them seem to require a great amount of work. This one, however, is simple...
Tetris Bookshelf

How to build a tetris bookcase

Bring back your love of Tetris with this DIY bookshelf project! This Tetris DVD/bookcase is a clever bookshelf idea that lets you configure its blocks into...
Bike Wall Hanger Main Image

How to build a bicycle wall hanger

Do you need a wall-mounted rack for your bicycle but don't like the price tags of the ones sold in stores? Save your money with this...
Screwdriver Organizer Main Image

How to build a screwdriver organizer

Many of us have misplaced or lost screwdrivers at some point in time. It's more frustrating because something needs fixing and you go through...
Dresser Platform Bed

How to build a dresser platform bed from scratch

Finding a storage unit that perfectly suits all our needs is one of the challenges we face when it comes to organizing our homes. This DIY dresser platform...
Garden Storage Bench Samples

How to build a garden storage bench

Is your yard lacking a garden bench right now? Here's a DIY project for you which is also great storage for some of your gardening tools...

How to make a trash can root cellar

Why use a refrigerator to store vegetables during the winter when you can make use of the natural (and free) cold weather temperature with a root...
Coffee Table with Lego Storage

Coffee table with Lego storage

Build a Lego storage for the kids and a nice coffee table for you in just one DIY project! Kids - they play all the time...

Swivel Storage Cabinet

Want a storage that you can easily access even while you are sitting at your work table? This is the DIY project for you! This lazy...

How to build pull-out pantry shelves

Having a hard time reaching through food inside your pantry cabinet? Then improve your current pantry storage system by making pull-out pantry shelves! This storage idea...