How to Make Your Own Tree Stump Planter

Tree Stump Planter

Removing tree stumps can be a very¬†difficult task. If it’s not necessary to get rid of them¬†in your area, why not turn them into planters instead? This planter idea is simple. All you have to do is hollow out the center to fill it with soil for your plants to grow in! You can put […]

Trellis and raised garden box combo

Having a small backyard¬†shouldn’t stop you from growing any kind of¬†produce¬†that you want! There are plenty of¬†solutions for backyard gardening but¬†a trellis and¬†raised garden box combination is a very efficient¬†example, especially for anything that likes to climb or needs support. Cucumber, snap peas, green beans, tomatoes‚Ķ ah, just think about that¬†fresh, great tasting, organic food¬†you […]

Growing potatoes in buckets the no-dig way

No-Dig Potato Buckets

We know that¬†potatoes can easily be grown in a single bucket. BUT¬†you can make harvesting easier too¬†by using two buckets instead of one! It’s simple yet very effective. A windowed inner bucket allows you to have better access to your produce. No need to dig out all the soil in your container just to make […]

Transform Old Crates into a Train Planter

Old Crate Train Planter

Want another fun garden idea? This train planter is easy to make and is just¬†made out of old crates! If you’ve got access to used wooden crates, repurposing them as train planters are one beautiful project you can do with them. It will surely make your yard a happier place, and kids especially will love […]

Make a unique garden planter from an old towel!

Cement Towel Planter Main Image

Creativity is such a broad concept, it’s difficult to define. Finding examples of creativity would be a much easier challenge. And when it comes to good housekeeping, creativity properly includes clever repurposing. For instance, here’s an interesting project made with an old bath towel. Take a look in the linen cupboard. Have you got a […]

How to build a planter with privacy screen

Planter with Privacy Screen

Sitting in your backyard would be so pleasant if you didn’t have to stare at your neighbors’ garbage cans – or have your neighbor stare at you. The fact is, with growing populations and smaller lot sizes, many of us live closer to each other than we’d prefer.¬† Fences sometimes do the job but they’re […]

Vertical garden from cinder blocks

Cinder Block Vertical Garden Main Image

These days, more and more people are discovering the joy of playing in the dirt. Of course, grown-ups might prefer the term “gardening.” Got a dull spot in your yard? A garden wall will surely solve your problem and it’s very easy to build¬†with cinder blocks! No mortar and mason’s trowel required. All you need […]

Turn wine bottles into gorgeous succulent planters!

Wine Bottle Succulent Planter

Do you¬†want some small, easy to make, succulent planters for your home? Empty wine bottles are one of the most elegant¬†materials you can use! The examples¬†you see below show just how perfectly wine bottles and succulents go together… Cutting bottles can be difficult at first. If this is your first time doing a project with […]

Decorate your patio with pretty flowers in a hanging basket planter!

Hanging Basket Planter

Is your outdoor area needing some color and life?¬†The best and easiest way to remedy that is by displaying seasonal flowers blooming in various colors in a planter or a hanging basket! Hanging baskets need a wall or a column to hang from, but the store-bought ones are usually too expensive for their simple look […]

How to grow potatoes vertically using fencing wire

Wire Fencing Potato Tower

Do you ever feel like there’s never enough garden space for all the plants you want to grow in your yard?¬†It’s one of the challenges of urban living as lot sizes continue to shrink. But a small garden doesn’t have to stop you from growing your own food. The trick is to¬†make sure you¬†maximize whatever […]