How to build a compost heating system

Compost Heating System Samples

Do you need an extra source of heat for your home during the winter? How does a free heating system that comes with rich soil for your garden sound? :) Create a heating system while composting! This method is known as “Jean Pain Composting” or “Jean Pain Method” as it was invented by a French farmer named […]

Build a straw bale greenhouse!

Straw Bale Greenhouse

A greenhouse made from straw bales?¬†It’s certainly interesting¬†but¬†many would be doubtful about this idea. Yes, it’s affordable (even money-saving for some), environment friendly and provides good insulation. But is it strong enough? The good news is a straw bale greenhouse is just like any other construction project – it could either be a disaster or […]

Build a geodesic greenhouse!

A greenhouse can provide a stable, warm environment where you can grow plants all year. You can also use a greenhouse to get a jump start on the season, where you can grow tomatoes and peppers early and later move them out to the garden. Do you need a greenhouse design that can be built in […]

How to Build Your Own Recycled Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

Plastic Bottle Greenhouse Main Image

Want to have a small greenhouse in your yard to grow some veggies? Then use plastic bottles to build one! Not only are you keeping construction expenses to a minimum, you are also helping save the environment. To build a large-sized greenhouse, you’ll need around 1,500 pieces of 2-litre plastic bottles. Can you imagine how much […]

Build a gorgeous greenhouse from old windows

Greenhouse from Old Windows

Many gardeners dream of adding a greenhouse to their garden space – and for good reason. Greenhouses are excellent for starting seeds and for extending the growing season in cold climates. But greenhouses are expensive, which is why many DIYers looking for alternatives that demand less from their bank accounts. This project is one such […]

How to build a greenhouse from old windows

Greenhouse from Old Windows

Every day of the week, someone is busy replacing their ‚Äėold‚Äô timber framed windows with ‚Äėwhiz-bang, no maintenance‚Äô windows. And every day, thousands of glasshouse kits are sold. DIYer Cheft, made the connection and built a greenhouse¬†from other people‚Äôs trash. This greenhouse¬†project is one of the most inexpensive builds we‚Äôve come across. Although building a […]

Easy-build, gravity-based, PVC aquaponic system

PVC Aquaponic System

Want to grow your own vegetables or even some fish for food? You don’t need to have an enormous space to make it happen with this PVC aquaponic system! This aquaponic system¬†is very efficient and makes producing your own food possible and even easier. By growing vertically, you can produce twice as much produce as¬†you […]

How to Build a House Using Plastic Bottles

Plastic Bottle House

Plastic bottles are probably¬†not top of mind when you think of building materials. But this recyclable material actually has a number¬†of advantages that make them better than bricks! Here are the¬†reasons why you should consider using plastic bottles to build small sheds and other structures… First, and the most obvious reason, is that they are […]

How to Build Your Own Fold-Down Greenhouse

Fold-Down Greenhouse Main Image

Need a greenhouse but still haven’t found the perfect one for your garden? Here’s an interesting idea you might want to¬†try! It’s perfect for small gardens, too! This fold-down greenhouse¬†works very well and is convenient to use! Made simply with PVC pipes and plastic sheeting, this greenhouse idea is simple and easy to build. The […]

How to Build Your Own ‚ÄúHoop House‚ÄĚ That Glides Open and Close

Gliding Hoop House

Need to set up a hoop house over your garden beds? This is the best hoop house design we definitely recommend! As you can see in the¬†image, this DIY hoop house makes the life of gardeners a little easier as its¬†hoops glide over a rail to open and close with just a pull of two […]