It’s your deck. Choose your materials…

Choose your materials for longevity and ease of maintenance

Now that you’re done designing your deck it’s time to move on to the next stage. You might be thinking that you’re ready for the construction stage but hold your horses there’s still a little more preparation to be done. You first have to determine the materials you want to make your deck from. These […]

Your Deck – Design and Function

This beautiful deck forms part of the Escarpment House which is featured in our 'Recycled Homes' gallery

In the previous article we talked about the decking checklist. Have you developed your own checklist yet? Why not share it and your thoughts and ideas by commenting below.   You’ll be helping others by doing so.  Now, to the next stage… Now that you know what to consider before starting your deck, let’s move […]

Your key to decking success – a pre-start checklist

Decks - don't be afraid to think outside the box!

In the previous post we shared our thoughts on one of the best things you can give your home, your family and your friends – a deck. We discussed the basic definition of a deck, its basic features and purpose. We talked about the benefits a deck gives – not only to the value of […]

All decked out for Summer!

A deck is a wonderful way to extend your living areas

Here’s a great way to add value to your lifestyle and your home… Most of us get to spend some time away from work during the summer months.  Some will head to the beach or the country-side, but this year,  faced with economic uncertainty, many will choose to stay at home. Well, here’s an idea […]