How to Make Packing Tape Ghost

Packing Tape Ghost

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A packing tape ghost is a sure way to give your neighbours a good scare and creep them out. And it’s very easy to make!

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This DIY ghost decor is good as a weekend project since it is a bit time consuming. However, it’s really easy to make regardless of what kind of ghost you wish to display.

Lady ghosts with long dresses are one of the scariest. We also find baby ghosts very creepy, too!

The only and most important thing you must have is very common — clear packing tape. If you don’t have a mannequin or dress form, you can use a real person to shape the ‘body’. We don’t suggest using a real person’s head for moulding the ghost’s head though! You’ll have to be resourceful if you don’t have a wig head :) To do this, simply wrap your form with the packing tape sticky side out first, so that you can easily separate the tape from the model once you’re done. You can also attach white plastic bags to the ghost form as part of its dress or even as its hair for movement!

This is not just an outdoor decor. This Halloween idea is also perfect indoors, especially since you can hang the ghosts on your ceiling, giving a floating effect!

Does this look like a good Halloween prank for your friends or family? Have a look at our album of packing tape ghosts below and get the link to the full tutorial below!


  • 3 rolls of Clear Packing Tape
  • White Plastic Bags (optional)
  • Dress Form, Mannequin or a Real Person
  • Wig Head
  • LED Lights (like these)
  • PVC Pipes / any stand you have available or a Hook and Strings (if you want to hang your ghost indoors)


  • Cutter
  • Scissors

Click on any image to start lightbox display. Use your Esc key to close the lightbox.8-)

You can get step-by-step instructions here



  1. I really like the ideas that are presented here, but I am absolutely frustrated with the lack of actual instructions on how to create these projects ourselves. Take this project for instance. The article lists the materials needed and one can assume they will wrap the dress form, mannequin, or real person in the tape, but what are the white plastic bags used for and how do you insert the LED lights if the the tape is wrapped around a mannequin or dress form? Neither the dress form or mannequin are hollow and obviously you have to remove the tape from the form, but this article doesn’t explain how to do that. I am guessing this might be what the white plastic bags are for, but since the list says they are optional, maybe not. In either case, it would be nice if you would stop assuming everyone is handy with DIY projects and actually provide step by step instructions for the projects they post.

  2. Hi James,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and frustrations. We will endeavor to be more thorough from now on. Please note the extra detail we have now added.

    Team Ideas24