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How to build a rocking hammock

DIY Rocking Hammock

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DIY Rocking Hammock

There’s a reason babies like being rocked to sleep. It’s very soothing! If you’ve ever been on a small boat in a gentle swell, you’ll know how easy it is to nod off. If you’d like to recreate that feeling on dry land, any time of day or night, this rocking hammock is your project!

DIY Rocking Hammock

This hammock stand was made to recreate the feeling of relaxing in the middle of a calm sea. It needs some special tools and skills to build, but the whole project consists of just a couple of steps.

DIY Rocking Hammock

If you’re used to working with metals, this should be a fun project to do. But if not, and if you don’t have a friend who can help, we have more rocking hammock ideas for you below which you can try doing instead!

Just imagine being rocked to sleep by a cool rocking hammock in your yard! Is this going to be the next addition to your home? :)


  • 2 – 20′ long, 2″ x 1.5″ Steel Tube (with wall thickness of at least .12″)
  • 1 – 3′ x 4′ sheet of Steel (.06″ thick)
  • Hammock with Rope


  • Tube Rolling Machine
  • Shear
  • Sheet Metal Puncher
  • Welding Machine

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Thanks to RyanW9 for this great project. You can get step-by-step instructions here