DIY Crate Coffee Table Steps Photo

How to build a crate coffee table

Do you want a rustic coffee table in your living room? Why not DIY this beautiful crate coffee table!

DIY Crate Coffee Table Samples

We all love a good repurposing project. They make for thrifty options for revamping your space and adding a down-home charm to your decor. Wooden crates are a particularly versatile DIY favorite.

Making your own crate coffee table is a DIY project you can do in just one afternoon,  too!

And though all the materials for this project were purchased, the total cost was just under $100! Yes Рincluding the coffee table decor. ;)

DIY Crate Coffee Table SamplesSo that’s¬†an expensive-looking piece of furniture, at a very low cost! What’s not to love?

Do you want a DIY crate coffee table in your home? Learn how to build one by reading the step-by-step tutorial below!


  • 4 Crates
  • 3/8″ Plywood
  • Dark Wood Stain
  • Wood Screws
  • Hooded Ball Casters


  • Ruler
  • Pencil Marker
  • Cordless Drill

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DIY Crate Coffee Table Steps Photo

Look at this bad boy! Individually, completely useless! Okay, maybe not completely, but still, four of these make for one sweet table. I got mine at a Michael’s craft store, I’ve seen them at some Walmarts as well. Check around for the best price that suits you. The crates I purchased were about 12$.

DIY Crate Coffee Table Steps Photo

Staining: You could paint it, but staining wood, to me, brings out more of a rustic look. Depending on the space you wish to put it, base your decision on the color of stain by the color of the furniture that will surround it. The furniture in the room this table went into had dark brown tones with light accents making this dark stain perfect.

DIY Crate Coffee Table Steps Photo

Assemble them properly first son: Screwing everything together is so much more simple when you arrange them in this fashion.

DIY Crate Coffee Table Steps Photo

Due to the planks being 3/8 in. thick, thin screws in the center of each one will prevent cracks.

DIY Crate Coffee Table Steps Photo

Two screws on every other plank separated by about 4 inches allows for a very solid structure in the end.

DIY Crate Coffee Table Steps Photo

The base:¬†3/8 inch plywood is a good fit for this job. It is just thick enough to endure the stress of use and thin enough that it isn’t super heavy.

Since the crates are not created perfectly, it was most accurate to outline the crates on the plywood. Make sure to give a 1/2 inch border to the square drawn on the plywood. It brings the whole thing together.

DIY Crate Coffee Table Steps Photo

Make sure to stain the cut out piece, only one side though! Only one will be visible when finished.

DIY Crate Coffee Table Steps Photo

These hooded ball casters were inexpensive, but very solid! Based on the color you choose you may want to go for a different wheel. Although, you can’t really see them when fully assembled, it may not be the biggest deal to you. Make sure to keep them equally spaced in all the corners. ¬†No one likes an off kilter table!

DIY Crate Coffee Table Steps Photo

With some decoration it looks right out of some interior design magazine. When all was said and done it was all under 100$!

Thanks to Mike0924 for this great project!



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