How to build a boot rack from horseshoes

Horseshoe Boot Rack

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Got plenty of boots or high-top sneakers and having trouble storing them? This horseshoe boot rack is the perfect storage rack for them!

Horseshoe Boot Rack

This project is an easy metal work that simply involves attaching horseshoes side by side. A rebar is also attached under the horseshoes because this is where your boots will sit on. The higher the boots, the farther down the rebar should be from the horseshoe. If it is for high-top sneakers, then the rebar should be installed closer to the horseshoe. This way the horseshoe can hold the shaft in place.

There are also other horseshoe boot rack designs that you can build – it all depends on what you like and the kind of boots you have. You can even add an extra piece of rebar with horseshoe at the side to prop your hat on. You can also design one that includes an umbrella holder.

This project is not just a unique boot rack that you can build for yourself – it is also a great DIY gift idea for friends and family. :)

So is this going to be your next project?

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  • Horseshoes
  • Rebar


  • Welder


Horseshoe Boot Rack

My rack holds 3 pairs of boots.

Horseshoe Boot Rack

Building the sides: I welded the sides first using 3 shoes for each side.

Horseshoe Boot Rack

Attaching sides together: I added a rebar so the bottom of the boot could sit on it. It also connects the sides together.

Horseshoe Boot Rack

Welded top horshoes together: Welded 6 shoes in a row. So the rack can hold 3 pairs of boots. Then welded the row on top of the sides. The only thing left to do is prime and paint.

Thanks to Donald Breaux for this great project!