How to build a hexagonal swing with sunken fire pit

Hexagonal Swing with Sunken Fire Pit Samples

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Now here’s another inspiration for a hexagonal swing set with fire pit. And you just might like its features just as much as we do! :)

Hexagonal Swing with Sunken Fire Pit Samples

This hexagonal swing has a beautiful roof design that makes it look like a pergola. It has a unique seating which are made from wagon wheels purchased by the owner-builder from Tractor Supply.

It’s easy to maintain as well as convenient to use since it was built with a concrete platform that includes a drainage for the fire pit. This keeps the fire pit swing set dry most of the time and ready to use even right after some rain.

This take on the hexagonal swing with fire pit is definitely a step higher than most designs out there!

How about you? How would you design your DIY outdoor furniture to make it awesome?

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  • 6 x 6 x 10 Timber
  • 2 x 6 x 8 Timber
  • Wagon Wheels
  • TimberLOK Heavy-Duty Wood Screws
  • 4″ PVC with Cast Iron
  • Hexagonal 36″ Grate
  • Wood Sealer


  • Measuring Tape
  • Miter Saw
  • Shovel
  • Cordless Drill
  • Mallet
  • Ladder


Hexagonal Swing with Sunken Fire Pit

I started by using 6x6x10s. I created the Hexagon with scrap 2x6x8. I cut the 30 degree angle on each side to create the hexagon. Final board length was 95 inches. To create the concrete forms, I again used scrap 2x6s to create a larger hexagon. You can see my horizontal boards running across the bottom lining up the corners of both the 6×6 hexagon and the concrete forms hexagon.

Hexagonal Swing with Sunken Fire Pit

I wanted my fire pit to be sunken instead of raised like I have seen so many others. Again using scrap 2×6 I created the centerpiece. Each of the 6 boards were cut to 25 inches in length with 30 degree angles on each end. I now also removed each top 2×6 one at a time and replaced them with the final 6×6 top piece. Again 30 degree saw cuts on a 12-inch sliding saw. I used 10-inch long TimberLOK screws down through the uprights and through the hex angles.

Hexagonal Swing with Sunken Fire Pit

Here I added a series of 2×6 hexagons each one rotated to point to the center line of the next. I also added 6×6 45-degree angle bracing cut to 24 inches. This gave the swing stability. At this point everything feels solid. Since the fire pit is sunken I used 4-inch PVC with a cast iron top to drain off any water. I dug a small trench to set the pipe in and then used 2×10 to build the final fire pit form.

Hexagonal Swing with Sunken Fire Pit

View looking up.

Hexagonal Swing with Sunken Fire Pit

A view from the back deck. I used a bit of brown release and did more of a slate finish along the inside of the hexagon and kept a stone finish to border it all in.

Hexagonal Swing with Sunken Fire Pit

I found a heavy duty hexagonal 36″ grate online. I have had this set up for 2 yrs now and all the water drains off with no issues.

Hexagonal Swing with Sunken Fire Pit Samples

This view show the concrete after the sealer was added. It really brings out all the colors and gives it the finished look.

Thanks to redkrypton for this great project!