Enjoy the summer with a DIY grass hammock

Grass Hammock

Need a good outdoor ‘bed’ you can use for relaxing in your yard? Here’s a quick DIY project that’s sure to be envied by the neighbours! :)

Grass Hammock

Hammocks are a great way to snooze, canoodle or simply read, any time of day, indoors or out. This unique ‘grass’ hammock is a very easy project you can do in less than an hour if you already have posts, trees or a handy hammock stand.

It’s comfortable and definitely unique! Take a picnic lunch with you and enjoy an ant free experience!

Can you imagine now resting on this inviting hammock? :)


  • Grass Shag Carpet
  • 2 pcs – Tie Downs
  • 2 pcs – Black Metal Pipes
  • Zip Ties
  • Caribiner or Quick Links
  • Rope
  • Silver Sharpie or any Marker


  • Measuring Tape
  • Knife (military tactical type)



Grass Hammock

I didn’t even need to measure at all I just counted the seams. I started by finding the relative center by counting how many seams from the outside would fit the pipe.

Grass Hammock

I marked this spot with a silver sharpie. I then rolled the pipe back until I could roll enough of the carpet around the pipe to cover it.

Grass Hammock

I cut some slits where I thought I should bring the hooks through.

Grass Hammock

Grass Hammock

I slid the hooks in the small slits and put the pipe in the hook.

Grass Hammock

I then tucked the end of the carpet between the hook and the pipe to keep it in place.

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