How to build a multiple roll tape dispenser

It may look like an unimportant item to have in a workshop, but a multi-roll tape dispenser is a big help if you want to work faster and more efficiently. Rummaging through drawers looking for a roll of tape, grabbing a pair of scissors, and having to find the end of the roll – these are small factors but they do […]

How To Build A Tiny Workshop

Are you a persistent DIYer? One who’s always working on one project or another… or perhaps a few at the same time?  In order to achieve your best, you really need a dedicated space where you can work freely, with all the materials and tools you need within arm’s reach. What you need is a […]

How to Get a Shipping Container

How to Get a Shipping Container

A shipping container can make a wonderful shed, office, hobby room, or even a home. They are a strong and cost-effective material to build structures with. But the question we are continually asked is ‘where do you get them’? This article aims to provide you with general information about shipping containers, local building regulations you need to check, and where […]

How to build an adjustable sawhorse desk coffee table

Adjustable Sawhorse Desk

Every living room needs a centerpiece. People need somewhere to put up their feet or put down their drinks.  Coffee tables are perfect for both. But using a coffee table as a work desk is extremely uncomfortable and, when done regularly for long periods of time, can cause chronic back pain that might plague you […]

Build an easy portable lumber rack

Portable Lumber Rack

It’s always nice to find good timber that we can save and use for future projects. But what’s NOT nice is if our lumber pile starts making a mess in our workshop! A disorganized lumber pile doesn’t only make it difficult to find what you need and work efficiently in your workspace, it could also be the […]

How to build a drill press for $20

DIY Drill Press

Here’s a nice little project for all the DIY-ers out there – a DIY drill press that costs only $20! Every builder would agree that it’s more fun to work on projects when we are able to create precise cuts, holes and all other details. And this DIY drill press is one of those tools that can help […]

Turn an old trampoline into a shed

Trampoline Frame Turned Shed

Need a strong and sturdy shed that you can also take down in the future if you need to? Get an old trampoline frame to build one! An old trampoline considered unsafe for playing or exercising can still serve several other great purposes! These include great chicken coops, garden trellising and, as shown here, as a frame […]

Sliding barn doors from skateboard wheels

There’s nothing worse than trying to get large, heavy or awkward things through a standard shed door. These sliding barn doors will certainly help with access issues. Sliding barn doors are perfect for storage sheds. They can even make your shed look like a purpose-built barn that fits right in your backyard. You can also […]

Build your own whimsical garden tool shed

Whimsical Garden Tool Shed

Need a proper storage for all your garden tools? Here’s an easy, inexpensive and unique idea for you – a whimsical garden tool shed! While most tool sheds are typically just a nondescript roofed structure in the garden, this one is not only functional, it also adds a nice decorative touch to your backyard. This garden […]

How To Build A Wall-Mounted Folding Workbench

This is a perfect  project for DIYers who don’t have the luxury of a spacious workshop. having used his kitchen table for various projects, this DIYer decided he needed a dedicated work area. He decided to use the wall space in his garage as a workbench.  The problem is that the garage doesn’t have extra […]

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