How to build an outdoor cat run

Outdoor Cat Run Enclosure

Whether it’s a quick turn around the garden or a late-night prowl, our feline friends tend to wander off every now and then. If you have a pet cat, then you know that they have a natural urge to explore. But how can we help keep our cats safe when they’re out and about? Is […]

Chicken roost with poop board for easy clean up!

Chicken Roost with Poop Board

Is cleaning your chicken coop proving to be a difficult task because of your chickens’ droppings? Then potty train your chooks with this chicken roost with a poop board! Just like your home, your chicken coop requires regular cleaning. To raise healthy chickens, you need to clean your coops well and diligently – especially after […]

Cordwood Chicken Coop

Cordwood Chicken Coop

The housing for your chickens can be as simple or as fancy as your imagination and budget allow. The birds dictate the basic criteria. Do you want a chicken coop that will make every chook for miles around the green with envy? Here’s a great looking coop that will protect your chooks from predators and […]

How to Build a Chicken Tractor

Chicken Tractor

There are several ways to house backyard chickens, but all these options have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you are (or you’re planning on) raising chickens and you have a relatively small backyard, a chicken tractor might be best suited for you. A chicken tractor is basically a movable chicken coop. It’s a good kind of housing for a […]

DIY Collapsible Chicken Run

Collapsible Chicken Tractor

Chickens have very complex social interactions and a host of interesting behaviors. They like to move around, interact, explore their space. Chicken runs allow them to do just that – but without the danger of being ambushed by predators. Would you like a chicken run or pen that you can ‘store’ when you don’t need it? Why not build […]

How to turn a cable spool into a duck house

Cable Spool Duck House

We’ve had cat castles, stylish crates for dogs, even houses for chooks, and now we have one for ducks too! Do you want a large and spacious house for your ducks? Then this cable spool duck house just might be the one you are looking for! These days, more and more homeowners are raising chickens in their […]

Build an inexpensive egg incubator

DIY Styrofoam Egg Incubator

Want to hatch your own chicken eggs? Then you need a broody hen or an incubator! If you’ve been raising chickens for a while, you might be considering hatching chicks in an incubator. That can be a fun project for the entire family. Unlike broody hens, you can use incubators at any time of the year. […]

How to Build a Cat Exercise Wheel

I have a Himalayan cat and I love her so much. In fact, there are days when I’d actually choose her over anyone. When circumstances seem too much, I isolate myself from human interaction. My cat and I spend a lot of time together. Lately, we have started doing something that has become one of […]

Build a mini pet camper

DIY Mini Pet Camper

Want to take your pet dog with you on your outdoor adventures? If you usually travel by motorcycle, then you can build your dog a mini pet camper like this DIY-er’s project! This DIY teardrop dog trailer is a great way to bring your furry friend with you for some outdoor fun (or for taking him/her to […]

Build a unique and inexpensive cat tree using old drawers

DIY Cat Tree

Why buy an expensive cat tree from the store when you can easily build one for a song? Why you can use old drawers to make your DIY cat tree! It’s simple, fast, easy, and clever! There are plenty of old drawers out there – from your local thrift stores, garage sales, or even just from the […]