DIY Photo Slide Lamp Shade

My husband has a collection of used projector slides from way, way back. He has boxes and boxes of them – mementos from his grandfather who used to dabble in photography. I mentioned about this DIY project that I saw on the Internet using projector slides. When I asked if I could some from his […]

DIY Watering Can Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are good for decorating as they seem to bring magic with them. Some people use them as string picture displays while others stuff them inside mason jars. These lights look good on mirrors, wrapped around branches, or strung on walls. Fairy lights had been made into chandeliers, lanterns, and ceiling constellations. These lights […]

Solar Water Bulb

Want to lower your electricity bill? This idea has given light to many third world countries, but even in the first world, free indoor lighting is good for the pocket. This solution doesn’t require expensive solar equipment. All you need is a clear plastic soda bottle, water, and bleach! This green and sustainable concept is […]

Make a unique chandelier using an old drum set!

Drum Set Chandelier

Got an old drum set that’s only collecting dust at home? Then why not give it a new purpose by turning it into an awesome chandelier! This upcycling idea is perfect for musicians and music lovers out there, who would love a musical theme for their interiors. Of course you can also do this project if you […]

How to make a mason jar lamp

Mason Jar Lamp

Here’s a lamp you can easily alter to set the ambiance of your room! It’s also a seriously easy DIY project! ;) This DIY mason jar lamp is perfect for those who want to keep it simple. And the mason jars are easily replaceable so that if you want a slight change to suit your mood, […]

Make your own floating light bulb jar lantern

Jar Lantern

This floating lightbulb lantern is not only beautiful, but perfect for use during emergency situations as well! Do we still need to state the obvious? This DIY jar lantern is made from a CFL lightbulb and a jar that’s just big enough to contain the bulb. It’s easy to store, very handy. And because this lighting is […]

Lighting your garden with well lights

It’s hard not to be impressed when you see a well lit garden at night. The light shining up through the tree canopies gives a unique ambience. with the vast range of economical 12v garden lighting now available, well lighting has gone from a luxury, requiring skilled installers, to a simple DIY project. Here’s how you […]