DIY Pulley Lamp

I know quite a number of people who are into vintage stuff. When decorating their homes, they prefer vintage fixtures to new, modern ones. It’s the unique patina, they say, and vintage items bring a certain character that’s hard to explain. The challenge with vintage lighting is that you have to make sure about the […]

Make a unique chandelier using an old drum set!

Drum Set Chandelier

Got an old drum set that’s only collecting dust at home? Then why not give it a new purpose by turning it into an awesome chandelier! This upcycling idea is perfect for musicians and music lovers out there, who would love a musical theme for their interiors. Of course, you can also do this project if you […]

DIY Lampshade From Photo Slide

My husband has a collection of used projector slides from way, way back. He has boxes and boxes of them – mementos from his grandfather who used to dabble in photography. I mentioned this DIY project that I saw on the Internet using projector slides. When I asked if I could come from his collection, […]

DIY Watering Can Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are good for decorating as they seem to bring the magic with them. Some people use them as string picture displays while others stuff them inside mason jars. These lights look good on mirrors, wrapped around branches, or strung on walls. Fairy lights had been made into chandeliers, lanterns, and ceiling constellations. These […]

DIY Book Lamp Shade – Illuminate Your Home With This Unique Lamp

You’ll find lamps in just about every home. They are a trusty reading companion and good friends during stormy nights. I stopped at the local thrift store recently and found stacks of old, second-hand books on sale. I didn’t find any of the titles particularly interesting but the store was selling them so cheap I […]

How to Turn a Washing Machine Drum Into a Lamp

Let’s face it, most appliances these days won’t last beyond a few years – much less a lifetime. And when they bite the dust, we’re often left wondering how to dispose of them. We have an old washing machine sitting in our stock room. I’ve been meaning to throw it away. Turns out it was […]

Make your own floating light bulb jar lantern

Jar Lantern

This floating lightbulb lantern is not only beautiful but perfect for use during emergency situations as well! Do we still need to state the obvious? This DIY jar lantern is made from a CFL lightbulb and a jar that’s just big enough to contain the bulb. It’s easy to store, very handy. And because this lighting is […]

DIY Wooden Hangers Lamp

My sister-in-law is obsessed with light fixtures. She’s drawn to those non-traditional, quirky ones. I can’t say I blame her. With almost everything mass-produced nowadays, getting something unique is becoming more difficult. She’s been raving about a certain lamp for the longest time. She said it was made out of wooden coat hangers. At first, […]

Make Your Own Mushroom Lights

I bet I’m not the only one who’s into lights. Regardless of how small or big it is, as long as it has lights on it and it’s pretty useful, I’ll most probably buy it… or make it. Our house feels like it’s Christmas all the time because of the number of lights we switch […]

How to Make a Cloud Lamp

I have a 7-year old niece who I regularly talk to over Facetime because she lives in a different state. Our usual topics include her love for Barbie and dollhouses. Yesterday, I was surprised to hear her talk nonstop about the sky. She’s fascinated by anything found up there – the clouds, stars, moon, rainbow, […]