Build Your Own Fire Pit Swing Set

Thinking of improving your outdoor living space? Adding outdoor furniture is great when you have a roof to protect cushions against sudden rain. But if you have a wonderful open space, then this fire pit swing set is perfect for you! A fire pit swing set like this not only adds appeal to your home […]

DIY Rubber Boot Dog

Art comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes. I realized just how true this is when I saw some people turn discarded boots into dogs. Not the real dogs, of course, but something that qualifies as art. We have a lot of unused pairs of boots on our farm. Somehow, we have managed to collect […]

Your Guide to Designing Your Own Garden Room

Your Guide to Designing Your Own Garden Room

A garden room is a creative way to add multi-functional space to your property. In addition to being a place to relax close to nature, it can double as a gaming center, art studio, home office, or anything else you can think of. Garden rooms also make it possible to enjoy the splendor of the […]

How to Build an Outdoor Movie Screen

Why spend money on movie theaters when you can watch from the comforts of home? And no, you don’t have to give up the big screen experience. With an outdoor movie screen, you can easily turn your backyard into an open air movie house! This project is something that’ll surely bring in a lot of […]

Make Your Kids a DIY Water Wall

It’s good to encourage kids to play outdoors. They become physically active, adventurous, and learn social skills. These are some of the reasons why I try my best to provide engaging outdoor activities for my kids. I don’t want them stuck indoors, their faces glued to the TV screens or their tablets. Because I’m perpetually […]

How to Build a Balance Bike

Giving gifts have become very challenging nowadays. I have several friends with young kids and I stress myself out thinking what to give them during special occasions. Naturally, I didn’t want to keep on giving the same gifts. My husband took pity on me and decided to help me out. My bestfriend’s five-year-old son wanted […]

How to Turn a Jerry Can into a Portable Mini Bar

Don’t you just love mini bars inside hotel rooms and wish you could take them home? They’d come in handy when you’re travelling. Portable travel bars cost around a couple of hundred bucks. But why buy when you can make one? This do-it-yourself mini bar is made out of a jerry can – or a […]

How To Build A Cigar Box Guitar

Easy to make and learn as well as a lot of fun to play.

By guest blogger, Daniel Wilks Before we start into the actual construction of a Cigar Box Guitar, I should probably explain what a CBG actually is. Like the name suggests, a CBG is a small, playable guitar with a body constructed from a cigar box. Cigar Box Guitars have a long and colourful history dating […]

How to build an outdoor dartboard stand

DIY outdoor dart board stand

Playing darts is a fun past-time activity for many. It’s also a great way to bond with family and friends. But there isn’t always a place for it in the house. So, we thought we’d share with you a quaint, little project that’ll allow you to play the game outdoors. By building your own outdoor […]

Enjoy the summer with a DIY grass hammock

Grass Hammock

Need a good outdoor ‘bed’ you can use for relaxing in your yard? Here’s a quick DIY project that’s sure to be envied by the neighbours! :) Hammocks are a great way to snooze, canoodle or simply read, any time of day, indoors or out. This unique ‘grass’ hammock is a very easy project you can […]

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