How To Clean A Rug So It Looks New Again

Can you imagine a house without a rug? Of course not! It is a must-have at home. A rug can provide comfort. It can warm your feet when it is cold. There is no denying the fact that rugs can provide an accent to your home. Rugs are available in different designs, color combinations, and […]

DIY Wall Mounted Drying Rack

Wall Mounted Drying Rack Main Image

Not enough space for drying all the laundry? Then make some by mounting a DIY drying rack on your wall! Some clothes are not meant to be put in the dryer and it’s not always convenient to hang them outside! Sure there are lots of drying racks available. But they take up floor space and need […]

Budget-Friendly Ideas to Improve Your Laundry Room’s Functionality

Laundry day doesn’t have to be a drag when you have a well-designed space that has maximum functionality. We don’t all have the budget to do major renovations, though. These following ideas are totally budget-friendly while changing the whole look of your laundry room. They don’t take much time or effort, either. Smart and thrifty homeowners, […]

Washing Machine and Dryer Pedestal

Laundries are often the smallest room in the house (if you’re even lucky enough to have a dedicated laundry room). Every bit of space counts and should be properly utilized. A pedestal or stand for your dryer or washer is a perfect way to create storage space, and allow you to easily access front loading […]

Laundry Basket Dresser

Laundry Basket Dresser Main Image

Not satisfied with how your current laundry area looks? If you say yes, then this simple idea might be the solution you need which makes any laundry area more organized! This DIY laundry basket dresser will keep everybody’s dirty clothes hidden, and already grouped so they are easier to deal with on laundry days. It’s the perfect […]

Turn a closet into a laundry room!

Closet Laundry Room

If you’re renovating, it’s often tempting to look at the space that is currently your laundry to see if it has a better use. In my case, I was able to turn the laundry into a second – much needed, bathroom. But if your laundry is repurposed, where are you going to wash and dry? […]