How To Build A Roll-Out Shelf

When building or remodeling a kitchen, it’s wise to leave space between the wall and the refrigerator in case you ever upgrade to a larger fridge. But the downside is that you create an unusable space that will collect clutter. Click on any image to start the lightbox display. Use your Esc key to close […]

How to build a toe kick drawer

Toe Kick Drawer

Can’t seem to have enough kitchen storage space? Well, how about making use of the toe kick – that area between your cabinet’s base and the floor? Most people usually overlook this part of the kitchen but it offers valuable storage space that many of us need! By making toe kick drawers, you’ll have the perfect storage area for […]

Outdoor Kitchen Bar Ideas

Having a barbecue party outside with family and friends is always an occasion to look forward to. The moment shared with your loved ones eating outside in your garden or backyard is both delectable and memorable. As much as we love these occasions, the hassle of setting up a barbecue party or a simple lunch […]

Tips on How to Keep Your Kitchen Mess-Free

We’ve all had days when the kitchen is just an absolute disaster. And it happens so quickly, too. One moment, you’re having a nice, quiet breakfast, and the next moment you’re suddenly faced with the giant task of cleaning up the kitchen. Or is it giant? Tidying up a messy kitchen is so easy once […]

How to Design an Outdoor Kitchen Bar

There seems to be a growing trend these days for outdoor kitchen bar projects. And this makes sense, since people have increasingly adopted a preference for outdoor living that is more connected to nature. When designing an outdoor kitchen bar, the key to success is a well thought-out plan. This ensures that your finished product […]

How to Turn an Ugly Dresser into a Rustic Kitchen Island Cart

Ugly Dresser to Rustic Kitchen Island

We all dream of a spacious kitchen with sky-high ceilings and spacious counters.  The fact is, most of us have to make do with a cramped kitchen with little counter space. But it doesn’t have to be so bad!  Kitchen island carts are a great solution for homeowners who need extra counter space but don’t have enough room or the budget […]

How to Build a Multi Kitchen Roll Holder

Don’t you just love anything that’s multi-functional? It’s like hitting multiple birds with one proverbial stone. When I buy something, I try to make sure it can be used for several purposes. This way, I know I’m getting my money’s worth – bang for the buck, as they say. Plus, I get to save space, […]

DIY Kitchen Drawer Organizer

No one likes a disorganized kitchen. At home, we try to avoid the clutter but we’d always end up with a messy pantry and drawers. This is a common household problem, it turns out. Most of my mom friends have the same complaints. No matter how much we all try, keeping kitchen drawers organized and […]

Make a clever lazy susan kitchen utensil storage!

Lazy Susan Kitchen Utensil Storage

Need a space-saving yet easy-access storage for your kitchen/cooking utensils? Then this project is for you – a hanging lazy susan kitchen utensil storage. This clever kitchen storage idea is great for keeping the kitchen counter clear of items not being used at the moment. We also like that it can hold so many kitchen utensils all […]