Build a hobbit house in your backyard

Backyard Hobbit House

Want an out-of-this-world backyard project? Well, this one’s hard to top if you’re buildingĀ one in your backyard – your very own hobbit house as your personal refuge! This hobbit house serves as a reading nook for its owner-builders. They also plan on installing a projector and a drop-down screen, making it a tiny tiny ‘home […]

Build a teepee guest house in your backyard!

Teepee Guest House

Are you in need of a guest room but don’t have a spare one to give? Then why not build this teepee guest house in your backyard! It’s great for when you have friends staying overnight or kids who love sleepovers. :) This teepee guest house is a very large backyard shelter that measures around […]

The Wild West Comes to the Backyard!

Is there any child who doesnā€™t like a fort or cubby house to play in? This western saloon would surelyĀ never go empty! This fort was inspired by saloon style playhouses sold online. But instead of buying. the owners decided to build their own and created a simple structural plan. Recycled pine fence palings and cedarwood […]

Make the kids happy by building a Disneyland playhouse!

Disneyland Playhouse

It’s every kid’s dream to visit Disneyland. But how many of them ever thought about having their own Disneyland at home? We didn’t realise it was possible until this dad decided to build his daughters a new playhouse inspired by one of Disneyland’s attraction, the “Jungle Cruise”! Imagine the excitement his kids feltĀ when they first […]

DIY Cob Playhouse

The temperatures we have outdoors nowadays are getting worse compared to the conditions 10 or 20 years ago. Back then, spending time outside was enjoyable because of the fresher, cooler air – even during summer. But today, it’s either too hot or too cold to stay long out there. Most of the time it’s the […]

Build the Kids a Pallet Playhouse!

The end result... lots of fun, some hard work and all for just $200

Have you got kids and a someĀ time on your hands? Do you want a fun project that won’t cost a lot to do?Ā Then why not use unlovedĀ pallets and reclaimed wood to build your kids this great cubby! What’s that… you don’t need a cubby? Then why not build it as a shed or workshop? This […]

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