Build yourself a boot dryer!


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Wet boots? No problem! Got some leftover PVC pipes from your previous project? Here’s an idea to put them to good use – an all-seasons boot dryer!

Boot Dryer

Wet boots are a nuisance in summer where they can lead to fungal infections. In winter, they probably just lead to misery but either way, this clever project will get them dry in almost no time! And the best part is that it’s easy and inexpensive to build. You could also use it for your wet gloves, hats or bags. Just put your stuff in position, turn the hair dryer on, leave it and wait a few minutes for your things to dry!

When not in use, disassemble to save storage space. Read on this tutorial to learn how to build your own.

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  • 4 pcs – 2″ Elbows
  • 2 pcs – 2″ T
  • 1 pc – 2″ Y
  • 1 pc – 2″ Fernco ci/plasic/copper/steel to ci/plastic/copper/steel
  • 3 ft – 2″ PVC Pipe
  • Glue
  • Hair Dryer


  • Hacksaw


BootDryer 1st Step

Cut one length of PVC pipe 16 inches long, then cut the 16 piece in half at a 40° angle as shown on the left. Then cut wedges about an inch above the angled cut like in the right image. This will help unrestrict airflow when inside the boots.


Cut seven 2-inch PVC sleeves, 2 inches long, and connect everything together. Glue them in place as seen in the picture above.

BootDryer Step 3

Important: Do NOT glue your 8-inch angle cut lengths together. Just shove them in you’re 90° elbows as seen below. You will understand why later.


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