Be Creative With These 8 Must-Try DIY Pallet Projects

Pallets Fact and Fiction

Do you want to update your home with something new and creative? DIY pallet projects offer a fun, budget-friendly way to bring an entirely new look to your home. Recycling pallets is a great way to be sustainable and get creative all at once. Whether you’re looking for a simple project to give your home […]

8 Creative Small Bathroom Design Ideas to Refresh Your Room

Whether you’re doing a full remodel of a small bathroom or just looking for ways to freshen up the look, it can be challenging to find design ideas that maximize the space and offer a luxurious feel. You will probably be tempted to stick with tried-and-true small bathroom design ideas, but the truth is that […]

How To Clean A Rug So It Looks New Again

Can you imagine a house without a rug? Of course not! It is a must-have at home. A rug can provide comfort. It can warm your feet when it is cold. There is no denying the fact that rugs can provide an accent to your home. Rugs are available in different designs, color combinations, and […]

How to Make Any Entryway More Efficient

Your entryway provides the initial welcome to your visitor. It is the area of the house that builds the first impression. Designing your entryway does not only involve aesthetics. You must consider the efficiency of your entryway. When it is raining outside, your entryway has to be ready with an umbrella or coat rack. It […]

How To Clean Your Dryer Vent

A stockpile of highly flammable fibers is accumulated in your dryer vent over time. The volume of lint per cycle depends on the type of material being dried inside. Loose fabrics contribute the most. Needless to say, lint can cause a fire. This happens when the dryer vent is left to rack up lint. These […]

Take a Tour of This Wild West Chicken Coop Town

These chicken coops are the best gifts there is to chicken mama Mitzi Ballard. Not only there’s a lucky lady but several blessed chickens who’ll be living in a cool town from now on.  Mitzi’s husband built chicken coops that resemble the wild west. Even if you don’t raise chickens, you’ll appreciate the craftsmanship that […]

Builder Turns a Staircase Into Wine Cellar That Can Hold 156 Bottles!

58-years-old house renovator Murray Berrill from Australia built this unique wine cellar. There’s no need for a dedicated room in your home or installing shelves for your bottles. If you have a two-story home, all you need is the staircase to build a storage space for your wine collection. Although adding storage space under the […]

5 Ideas to Upgrade Your Outdoor Patio Experience

Does your outdoor patio need a new look for the season of barbecues and sun tanning? Gear up for the months ahead by giving your outdoor space a refreshing transformation. These ideas prove that it doesn’t take much to upgrade your outdoor patio. New Pillows Comfy new pillows are a great way to perk up […]

Outdoor Kitchen Bar Ideas

Having a barbecue party outside with family and friends is always an occasion to look forward to. The moment shared with your loved ones eating outside in your garden or backyard is both delectable and memorable. As much as we love these occasions, the hassle of setting up a barbecue party or a simple lunch […]