How to make a chalkboard sign using old cabinet doors

Cabinet Door Chalkboard Sign

Got an old cabinet door that you want to ‘get rid of’? Turning it into a chalkboard is a fun little upcycling idea¬†that you can use¬†for so many purposes! And there are several ways to do it as well depending, on what you want to use your DIY chalkboard for. If you want a chalkboard […]

Gumball Machine Terrariums!

Gumball Machine Terrarium

There’s something about gumball machines that just makes us love them. They have this sweet¬†and nostalgic¬†appeal and what’s even nicer is that they can be¬†used for other beautiful purposes as well.¬†¬†Like this gumball machine terrarium project! If you already have a¬†genuine antique gumball machine, you’re lucky as it can be quite expensive even from¬†antique or¬†secondhand […]

Make your Christmas tree base sturdy and pretty!

Got cats and/or¬†kids that always knock your Christmas tree across your living room floor? Make¬†your Christmas tree “tip-proof” with this DIY¬†project! This clever idea doesn’t only¬†prevent fallen trees and shattered glass ornaments, it can also make an ugly Christmas tree base¬†look attractive! You can use any material that you want for this project. A cardboard […]

Cordwood Fences!

Cordwood Fences

Want to add some privacy to your yard? Here’s an interesting idea for a fence that you might want to consider! It’s an inexpensive project¬†for those living near or out in the woods. It’s also a great option for those who want a truly unique design. You can create images/portraits with it (like these) and […]

Turn an Old Nightstand into a Play Kitchen

DIY Play Kitchen from Nightstand

Here’s another upcycling¬†project for those of you who want to give the¬†little kids¬†an awesome kitchen set to play with… Build one with an old nightstand! Don’t have an old nightstand? You can easily find one from¬†secondhand stores, the flea market or perhaps a garage sale ¬†market in your area. And while you’re at it, look […]

Organize your clothing, shoes and bags by building a pallet wardrobe!

Pallet Wardrobe

Do you want to start organizing your things more effectively to¬†keep¬†your room¬†tidy? Bags, coats and jackets, hats and shoes – things we¬†frequently use are the usual culprits for a messy room. The solution? This easy-access DIY pallet wardrobe! It has a hanging rod for your clothing and some shelves for storing shoes, bags and hats. […]

Give your bathroom a new look by chalk painting floor tiles!

Chalk Painted Bathroom Floors

Want to give your bathroom¬†a revamp? Makeover, renovation, revamp – they all¬†usually require big budgets especially when you want a totally different new look. You can do that by repainting your bathroom walls or even just changing your floor tiles to give it a totally new look! Now if you are on a tight budget, […]

Build a cinder block chicken waterer heater!

Cinder Block Chicken Waterer Heater

Now here’s a must-have for those raising chickens in areas with extreme cold weather – a chicken waterer heater! Chooks are very well capable of keeping themselves warm during winter. But keeping their drinking water from freezing is something that they cannot do. So if it tends to get very¬†cold in your place, providing your […]

Make scary skulls out of scrap timber!

Make Scary Skulls Out of Scrap Timber

Got a few wood picket fence pieces lying around your storage? Or perhaps you have one or two pallet timber slats left from a previous DIY project? Here’s¬†a nice idea on what to do with those extra timber – skull decorations! And it’s perfect for the Halloween… One skull is made from only one piece […]

Living Head Illusion Halloween Project

Living Head Illusion Halloween Project

OK so here’s a magic trick that’s just perfect¬†for the Halloween! It’s a great prop scare for Halloween trick-or-treaters and unsuspecting visitors in your house ;) This table can be used to surprise and scare people in many different ways!¬†As you can see in the featured image, you can create the head on table illusion. […]