Building Your Own Purrfect Cat Exercise Wheel: 3 Fun Facts

This cat exercise wheel would be a perfect gift for your pet!
This cat exercise wheel would be a perfect gift for your pet!

I have a Himalayan cat and I love her so much. There are days when I’d choose her over anyone. When circumstances seem too much, I isolate myself from human interaction.

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12/01/2022 10:05 am GMT

My cat and I share plenty of quality time together, and recently, we’ve discovered a new favourite bonding activity that we both cherish. We’ve started exercising at home. I’d be on my treadmill and she, on her cat exercise wheel.

It was a gift from a friend who loves to do things with his hands. As a true-blue DIY-er, he told me he saw the project and immediately thought of my cat. It’s one of his biggest projects but I must say that it has turned out great. My cat loved it!

It's a fun and enjoyable tool for your cats.
It’s an enjoyable tool for your cats.

There are countless benefits to having a fun cat exercise wheel, which significantly contributes to the cat’s well-being and overall happiness.

Physical Exercise: A cat exercise wheel provides an excellent outlet for your cat to burn off excess energy and engage in physical activity. Regular use of the wheel can help promote a healthy weight and reduce the risk of obesity-related health issues.

The exercise offered by the wheel can also benefit your cat’s joint health, especially in senior or less agile cats. The gentle movement aids in keeping their joints flexible and supple.

Emotional Enrichment: Having an engaging activity like the exercise wheel can enrich your cat’s emotional well-being. It helps combat stress, anxiety, and depression, promoting a happier and more contented pet.

Natural Instincts: The exercise wheel allows cats to tap into their natural hunting and chasing instincts, mimicking the excitement of stalking prey. This playtime mimics the outdoors, providing a safe and fun environment for indoor cats.

Bonding Opportunity: Using the cat exercise wheel with your furry friend can become a bonding experience. Interacting and playing together strengthens the bond between you and your cat, fostering a closer relationship.

Alleviates Destructive Behavior: Cats may sometimes engage in destructive behaviour when they have pent-up energy. The exercise wheel provides a constructive outlet for their energy, reducing the likelihood of destructive behaviours like scratching furniture or curtains.

Convenient Indoor Play: For indoor cats, the exercise wheel offers a convenient way to engage in physical activity without venturing outside. It is especially beneficial for households without outdoor access or during inclement weather.

Incorporating a fun cat exercise wheel into your cat’s daily routine offers a multitude of advantages, enhancing their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It is a valuable addition to any feline household, providing endless amusement and a healthier lifestyle for your beloved pet.

How to Build a DIY Cat Exercise Wheel

The cat exercise wheel is an interactive creation that guarantees hours of playtime joy for your furry companion.

Here are the three fascinating facts behind building your very own purrfect cat exercise wheel. Discover the essential elements to construct a wheel that will engage your cat’s interest and cater to their playful exploration instincts:

1. Materials & Tools

  • 1 Sheet plywood
  • 3 Sheets STD hardwood 1/8″x24x48
  • 1 52″ 2×6
  • 12.5″ 2×8
  • 3 Rolls of hockey tape
  • 1 Yoga mat
  • Spray adhesive
  • Hub bolts
  • 2×4 studs
  • Table saw
  • Dremel circle cutter
  • Spiral cutter
  • Orbital sander
  • Clamps
  • Drill with drill bits

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2. Steps

Watch the video below to learn how to build an engaging and interactive cat exercise wheel that will keep your feline friend active and entertained. A big thank you to Chrystal for sharing this fantastic project!

3. Extra Tips

Here are some extra tips to make this DIY project a roaring success. These valuable insights will not only ensure the safety and comfort of your furry friend but also elevate the excitement and engagement levels of the new playtime haven.

1. Safety First

Be sure to prioritize your cat’s safety throughout the construction process. Ensure that all materials are secure, free from sharp edges, and non-toxic. Avoid using small parts that can be easily chewed or swallowed.

2. Choose Durable Materials

Opt for sturdy and durable materials that can withstand your cat’s enthusiastic play. When necessary, make adjustments to the materials to ensure safety and longevity. Strong, scratch-resistant materials like wood or PVC can provide the necessary durability for a long-lasting exercise wheel. 

Cat Exercise Wheel
You can also design the wheel to match your home decor or incorporate fun elements that uniquely appeal to your cat’s interests.

3. Incorporate Interactive Features

Enhance the fun factor by adding interactive features to the exercise wheel. Attach hanging toys, feather teasers, or jingle bells to keep your cat engaged and entertained during their play sessions. These additional elements will stimulate their instincts and make the exercise wheel even more enticing.

4. Gradual Introduction

Introduce the cat exercise wheel gradually to allow your cat to get accustomed to it. Initially, let your fur baby explore and investigate the wheel. Then, use positive reinforcement, such as treats and praises, when showing interest or engagement with the wheel. With time and encouragement, your cat will gradually embrace this new source of fun and exercise.

5. Regular Maintenance

Regularly inspect and maintain the exercise wheel to ensure it remains in optimal condition. Tighten any loose screws, replace worn-out toys or components, and clean the wheel regularly to keep it hygienic.

Building your own fun cat exercise wheel is an exciting and rewarding project that will provide your cat with endless entertainment and exercise opportunities. Enjoy the process, get creative, and witness the joy on your cat’s face as they conquer their very own exercise wheel!

Crafting Cat Fun!

And there you have it! This all-inclusive guide provides you with the necessary knowledge and tools to build an engaging and entertaining cat exercise wheel in the comfort of your own home.

Armed with this guide, you’ll possess the expertise to craft a personalized cat exercise wheel that guarantees boundless amusement and physical activity for your beloved cat.

Ready to start an exhilarating DIY adventure and experience the sheer delight it brings to your cat’s life?



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