DIY Sunburst Pencil Clock

This sunburst pencil clock will look great against your wall!
This sunburst pencil clock will look great against your wall!

As working parents, it’s important that we spend quality time with the family. For us, our weekends are reserved solely for the kids. We spend each week differently: a trip to the mall, a movie date, or a day at the park.

There’s one activity though that’s been an all-time favorite. We call it the DIY Weekend. We look for simple do-it-yourself projects and work on them. It’s actually very productive.

Just last week, our wall clock ran out of batteries so I kept it off the wall first. My daughter had this idea that we perk it up a little bit before putting it back. Luckily, we found this DIY sunburst pencil clock which my daughter adored. We did it over the weekend and she said it’s one of the best projects ever.

Finally, a DIY project that's worth your time, pun intended.
Finally, a DIY project that’s worth your time, pun intended.

One look at the photos and you’d think this project would be time-consuming. I must say it’s enjoyable – a perfect bonding activity with the kids. So what are you waiting for? The clock’s ticking!

What you’ll need to make this sunburst pencil clock…


  • Cardboard
  • Super glue
  • Sharpened pencils
  • Elmer’s craft glue
  • Clock


  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Gardening shears

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Thanks to hometalk for this great project. You can get step-by-step instructions here



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