Organize your clothing, shoes and bags by building a pallet wardrobe!

Pallet Wardrobe

Do you want to start organizing your things more effectively to keep your room tidy? Bags, coats and jackets, hats and shoes – things we frequently use are the usual culprits for a messy room. The solution? This easy-access DIY pallet wardrobe! It has a hanging rod for your clothing and some shelves for storing shoes, bags and hats. […]

Build a teepee guest house in your backyard!

Teepee Guest House

Are you in need of a guest room but don’t have a spare one to give? Then why not build this teepee guest house in your backyard! It’s great for when you have friends staying overnight or kids who love sleepovers. :) This teepee guest house is a very large backyard shelter that measures around […]

Give your bathroom a new look by chalk painting floor tiles!

Chalk Painted Bathroom Floors

Want to give your bathroom a revamp? Makeover, renovation, revamp – they all usually require big budgets especially when you want a totally different new look. You can do that by repainting your bathroom walls or even just changing your floor tiles to give it a totally new look! Now if you are on a tight budget, […]

Build a cinder block chicken waterer heater!

Cinder Block Chicken Waterer Heater

Now here’s a must-have for those raising chickens in areas with extreme cold weather – a chicken waterer heater! Chooks are very well capable of keeping themselves warm during winter. But keeping their drinking water from freezing is something that they cannot do. So if it tends to get very cold in your place, providing your […]