Build a pallet wheelbarrow for your garden!

Want to add a unique planter to your garden? Well, go beyond the usual by making this wooden wheelborrow planter out of pallets! If you have a few excess timber from a previous wood pallet project, you can put them to good use in this DIY project for your garden! This wooden wheelbarrow made from pallets can […]

How to build a patio umbrella stand planter

Setting up a really large patio umbrella at home is a great idea for providing shade in your outdoor area. It’s quick, easy and it’s temporary – you can move it anytime or bring it with you in case you move to another place. Ideally, a patio umbrella should not just make your outdoor space […]

How To Make A Fairy House Lamp

By guest blogger, Steve Mason I woke up one Saturday with no plans for the day. Whilst drinking my morning coffee and going through Facebook, I saw a picture of a man making his daughter a fairy house from a log with a chainsaw. I thought that would be perfect for my daughter’s 8th birthday […]