Chicken Roost with Poop Board

Chicken roost with poop board for easy clean up!

Is cleaning your chicken coop proving to be a difficult task because of your chickens’ droppings? Then potty train your chooks with this chicken roost with a poop board!

Chicken Roost with Poop Board

Just like your home, your chicken coop requires regular cleaning. To raise healthy chickens, you need to clean your coops well and diligently – especially after long periods of absence.

Cleaning your chicken coops requires specific steps, though. You need to be thorough and should only use natural cleaning supplies that won’t irritate the chickens.

This chicken roost idea definitely makes cleaning the chicken coop easy. It can contain all the droppings in a single box. And since it is located above the ground you don’t have to stoop down to do the task.

This project is simple but the design would of course depend on the space that you have. You can get inspiration for designing your own version by looking at the examples from our album below. And if you need more information about the basics of building a chicken roost, here’s an article that should help!

Chicken Roost with Poop Board

“But what matter do I put in the ‘litter box?” Coarse sand would be great as it helps dry out the droppings, thus keeping odor to a minimum. But if the odor is really a problem in your chicken coop, then use granular PDZ which looks like kitty litter. It desiccates droppings just like sand, and it’s very good at minimizing odor!

Every chicken roost with a poop board is unique. Yours might not be high enough for your chooks to need a ramp. But it’s important, at least during the first few days, to guide your chickens into using their new chicken roost.

Once you start using this chicken roost idea, you won’t dread cleaning your chooks’ droppings anymore!

Is this going to be your next project?


  • Timber
  • Sand
  • PDZ
  • Wood Screw


  • Measuring Tape
  • Saw
  • Cordless Drill
  • Sander

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Thanks to Backyard Chickens for this great project. You can get step-by-step instructions here



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